02 Mar 2012


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  1. gorgeous!

  2. Cool. Really creative, lovely portraits. I love the penultimate frame.

  3. Wow Jared. Absolutely stunning and I love her expression in the third shot.

  4. That third image down is my favorite among all of these favorites…so well done…for serious!!

  5. The last frame is hawwwt!! Great images and gorgeous couple. :)

  6. This session is fun and your processing is creative. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jared, these are so beautiful. That last image is really striking.

  8. I love how you mix soft, romantic photos with fun quirky ones. Great set!

  9. Whoa – what a session, Jared. These are all amazing, but I’m especially taken with #3, which is just a wonderful and candid moment, and the very last one, which is simply out of this world. Nice work!

  10. Just beautiful Jared, as always! :)

  11. Every frame is beautiful .. Love this dude!

  12. I really like the pictures of them in the field! Great session Jared!

  13. LOVE all of these but especially that last one.

  14. Amazing work, Jared! Really love the 3rd one.

  15. field + sun = happy times. killer.

  16. Amazing set of images ;-)

  17. Love the 3rd and last one, amazing job Jared!

  18. Nice images! :-)

  19. This is awesome Jared…

  20. Awesome work! Especially love the 1st one, with the arrow pointing at them. Great composition!

  21. Great session. That last image is killer.

  22. Wow what beautiful photographs. Simply stunning!

  23. Love the feel of the black and white shots, and the final frame is a belter. :)

  24. The last photo is fantastic!

  25. This is an extraordinary set of very creative shots! Very inspirational.

  26. These are so romantic. Great job!

  27. great set! The couple will surely be in love with these! I especially like the tilt effect on the last one!

  28. What a fun engagement! This is great work!

  29. Love this shoot! Perfect blend of urban & rural.

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