19 September 2010


  1. Oh my, these are so so pretty!!! The first shot is my fave – I LOVE eyelashes! :) Beautiful work.

  2. Love the light and the first photo.! Choice.

  3. Oh, my word! The light is these is STUNNING! I’m sure that Meryl loves them. She looks like absolute perfection and your photos capture that so beautifully.

  4. That first black and white is BEYOND. Did you get my Rachel Zoe reference? Probably not, so I’ll translate. That means, beyond awesome!

  5. Wowsers. The first image is stunning. Great soft lighting and beautiful colors.

  6. It looks as though about halfway through these pictures, she really settled into having her picture taken, I think she looks ruddy fantastic!

  7. Great work Jared… awesome compositions!

  8. These images are breathtaking. My absolute favorites are the ones on the porch and the first and last one.

  9. Really great lighting especially on those porch shots – very well done!

  10. That ring shot on the branch rocks! Beautiful bride and pictures!

  11. She looks so happy!

  12. How gorgeous!! Her eyes are stunning.

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