Pt. 2

Pt. 2 // When I started my business way back when, I never actually thought of myself as a business owner; I was an artist, and the rest was superfluous. I thought that being a businessman meant being a sellout, and so I didn’t prioritize business matters or organization. I quickly learned, however, that being a successful artist meant that I needed to embrace being a business owner; what that looked like for me was embracing organization. About 2 years ago I learned that there was something called CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which is basically a system for managing all of your company’s interactions with clients. This includes everything from invoicing, payment processing, scheduling, contracts, project management, etc. This blew my mind! There was something out there to help me keep all of my different roles under one organizational umbrella. No more sticky note reminders. No more paper contracts or invoices created from Word-based templates. There are a lot of different CRMs out there, but the one that I kept hearing people rave about was Dubsado. They said that not only was their system incredibly robust but also that their customer service was heads above other! I started using their services and can attest to both! If you are interested in giving Dubsado a try, you can use the link below for 20% off your first month.

Jared Tseng

It is a common misconception that as a photographer, I simply take pictures all day. But as a business owner, being “photographer” is actually a relatively small part of my workflow. I am also a photo editor, a retoucher, designer, project manager, customer service representative, bookkeeper, social media manager, and marketing strategist. That’s enough to make most people’s heads spin, and as one who had zero business experience when actually starting a business, it took me a LONG time to figure everything out and to balance all of these different roles. I’m still not completely there, but I’ve come quite a ways from my humble beginnings. In my next posts I’ll talk about some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

Jared Tseng
2018 Holiday Sessions

Fall is officially here (can I get an Amen), which means that holiday season is right around the corner! This year I am offering Holiday Sessions, which are 30 minute digitally photographed sessions - the perfect amount of time for busy families to receive a few group shots as well as individual portraits and candids. These sessions are also great for couples, maternity, and graduating seniors. Let’s get those Christmas cards knocked out!

• Saturday, OCTOBER 27th
• Sunday, OCTOBER 28th
• Saturday, NOVEMBER 3rd
• Sunday, NOVEMBER 10th (inclement weather makeup)

Time slots are on a first come, first serve basis. Location and time slot will be confirmed upon booking.

Sessions are $95 + tax. Included are 2 mounted 5x7’s and 1 mounted 8x10 with 10% off in-studio orders (cards, prints, albums, and digitals). Proofing will not be available online, and Clients will need to schedule a date to view your images and place your order. Don’t worry - this is actually the fun part! You will get the experience of seeing your images for the first time with me right there guiding you through the whole process. This will ensure that your photos make it into your home as quickly as possible.

I look forward to working with you!

HERE to reserve your session!

Jared Tseng